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I read though Zerum it is aver interesting blog and you obviously understand what you are talking about. Which you should considering you when through it. So I have a question for you. I read all your advice on how to help a friend who goes through this, and I wanted to know what would happen if some one to the blows for there friend? They don't try to force there friend to leave or insult the abuser, they just silently take any hits that they can get in front of.


P.S. They would of course also be a kind friend that the victim can talk to. Always welcoming, letting the victim make their own decisions, and of course letting them know they aren’t worthless.

While it’s admirable to take the blows for your friend, it’s not going to stop the abuse from happening.

In fact it could cause the abuse to become worse. You don’t want to redirect it, you want to try and get them out of the situation entirely.

Another issue with taking the abuse for them is it may make them more complacent to the abuse, because they wouldn’t want someone else getting it in place of themselves. It adds already to their guilt and struggle.

Depending on the type of abuse you can even report it to the police and try to offer some kind of safe place for the friend to go to.

It all really depends on the situation though, but again: Taking the abuse instead is not the right solution.

You know what I find sad about the entire. Doctor Whooves thing. He spent. All his life trying to protect the universe he was in. Only to be trapped in the pony verse. I find it sad.


Oooo let me just post a thing Jekyll said in a recent RP I had:

"I’m married to.. To River Song… My last life I really didn’t act like it, I didn’t cherish her like I should have, I distanced myself because I didn’t want to get hurt, knowing she was fated to die… But I hurt her because of that, and she didn’t deserve any of that! She loved me unconditionally and I was all she ever really had in her whole life, and it was my fault for being a horrible man. I just want to make things right again, and I’m stuck here as a pony with no way of knowing how to get home…"


Ten’s Hair Appreciation Post (season 4)

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flippin daleks have the best sass lets be real, those little salt shakers of doom know how to give some of the best burns the time vortex has ever seen


please, let Rose and Nine run on your dash


please, let Rose and Nine run on your dash


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